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First Experience as a professional and coach

Emanuel garnered his first experience in traditional labor-intensive roles as a stone sculptor, machine builder and in the German military being assigned to an electronic warfare unit.

It was during his military time that he got interested in “how things work” instead of just executing them. He wanted to know more about the operations behind an activity. He branched out into supporting unites active in the Kosovo peacekeeping efforts logistically.

He then left the military for a career in the private sector where he gained his first experience working for traditional German manufacturing organizations.

After a successful career in Germany in international trade, operations, and export logistics, Emanuel wanted to learn more about what makes organizations and their people successful.

Staying true to Aristotle’s saying:

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom - Aristotle Click To Tweet

Emanuel wanted and needed to explore himself first. Learning about his own strengths, weaknesses, passions, and dislikes would help him to understand his own role within organizations better.


Traveling for exposure and building consulting experience

This resulted in Emanuel traveling to various countries, taking on challenging work and meeting unique and interesting people, all the while learning about them and applying what he learned at the next engagement. Eventually making it to Kenya.

Emanuel became particularly interested in fast-growing startups and what it took to scale them. And Kenya is a hotbed for startups.

What was involved in growing these organizations rapidly?

Aligning the teams’ skills, culture, philosophies as well as operational intricacies.

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Startup consulting & coaching

In the past 10+ years, he successfully assisted and lead scaling efforts at some of the most innovative and fastest growing startups in East Africa. Leading new market entries and growth hacking projects to dramatically increase product awareness and massive client acquisition, as well as leading huge local and international recruitment and headhunting efforts.

True leadership isn’t about having an idea. It’s about having an idea and recruiting other people to execute on this vision. – Leila Janah Click To Tweet


Strengths as a coach

Furthermore, Emanuel is acutely aware of the opportunities, challenges, and risks that Industry 4.0 developments bring with them. His aim is to leverage those technological opportunities for organizations while at the same time developing careers that are aligned with requirements of the changes to how we do work and what the meaning of work is.

Senior leader

As a senior leader, with long-standing experience in startup, career and growth areas, he is well suited to coach you on your next challenges.


His profile can be viewed on LinkedIn

Coaching you!

Emanuel is here to help you in your business efforts as well as career development as a coach, advising you, guiding you and cheering you on your way to success!


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Emanuel was a valuable asset during a period of rapid expansion, both in Kenya and in our first international market, Uganda.
He was entrusted with leading the staffing operations of our expansion of initially about 70 academies to 405 academies across Kenya. This involved decentralized country-wide aptitude assessment centers with over 10,000 interviewed candidates and centralized training of thousands of candidates per term. His biggest achievement in that role was setting up a centralized training center in Nakuru, Kenya that conducted training operations for 2,000+ Teacher and Academy Manager candidates. He led …
Andrew J. WhiteManaging Director, East AfricaBridge International AcademiesNairobi - Kenya

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