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I provide services around business coaching, project consulting, growth hacking and corporate training for corporate visitors.

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Secure your business

Keeping developments of Industry 4.0 in mind, and the very real risk of going out of business within the next few years, if no adjustments are being made, I position you through direct intervention and targeted coaching for the challenges at hand.


Business Coaching

As Jeff Boss wrote on Entrepreneur:

There comes a point where stagnation sets in. You can take yourself only so far without the help of others. Hey, it happens. Consider it part of the startup lifecycle.

Enter the business coach. There isn’t anything else that you receive 100 percent dedicated attention to you. A business coach is somebody who helps you move from where you are to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on your goals. 

But even if you’re not a startup anymore, a business coach can help you achieve that ever elusive growth your heart desired. Coaching is not consulting, and consulting is not coaching. But one can complement the other.

As a business coach……

As a business coach, I’ll brainstorm brilliance, bounce ideas, hold you accountable and guide you in your project.

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Project Consulting

I’m a successful business consultant, focusing on operations, marketing, strategy, and people. Going hand in hand with business coaching I come in when you need fresh new ideas, have a capacity impasse or simply not the expertise to develop a specific project.

Short-term and interim coaching and consulting

The scope and duration of the project can vary and I come in on a one-off basis, temporary, part-time or full-fledged interim basis.

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Growth Hacking

Growth…..- What? Still a term that is a bit novel in many industries, Growth hacking is an umbrella term for strategies and activities that are focused entirely on growth. It is a methodology employed by early-stage startups that have limited budgets, might not fully understand the market and their product yet and need to achieve rapid growth.

Rapid client base growth

The goal is to acquire as many users and clients as possible in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of resources utilized. However, growth hacking is not entirely marketing and shouldn’t be seen as marketing. Proper growth hacking is intricately tied to product development and optimization as well as organizational operations. It is a wholesome approach to growth instead of a traditional marketing approach.

While developed and employed by early-stage startups, larger and older organizations can use growth hacking strategies to break a new product or to simply achieve additional growth

Growth hacking is not anti-marketing, it is the evolution of marketing, it is pro-growth. - Sean Ellis Click To Tweet

Let’s figure out how I can help you as a business coach or a project consultant

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He possess a deep knowledge of operations in frontier markets, a passion for impact, and an intellectual curiosity that enables him to be effective in the toughest of situations
I had the pleasure of working with Emanuel – directly and indirectly – for over a year at Komaza. He is a highly capable manager and skillful practitioner. He possesses a deep knowledge of operations in frontier markets, a passion for impact, and an intellectual curiosity that enables him to be effective in the toughest of situations. I wouldn’t hesitate to tap Emanuel for a position if I was building a team, would readily recommend him for open opportunities, and look forward to crossing …
Zachary John-Pillow PetroniMBA Candidate | Cambridge Judge Business SchoolCambridge Judge Business SchoolCambridge - UK

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