Emanuel is the man behind the saying, “Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss,” and this is how I know. I have worked with him at a close range for 4 months now and I came to realize each day has a new shape to it. This is in terms of opportunities to learn, inspiring moments, results anticipated and you cannot help but tell yourself that you need to be the best you can be, each and every day. To me he is a mentor, a philosopher, a visionary. Sometimes I might not necessarily like where I am going but looking back I realize it is where I ought to be. He is a great leader in terms of getting people to tap into their potential and very indulgent when dealing with people who require assistance. His team just does great cause he is willingly ready to give his strength so that each individual can stand on their own. This is why, I am honored to have worked with him and if anyone was to ask about my growth tract I would proudly show them the person behind it.

Lynda WanjaContent Marketer| Blogger| Public relations | Copy writer| content editor| digital marketerSelf EmployedNairobi - Kenya

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