“Follow your passion because it will make you successful.” Emanuel is a refreshing example of why this career advice is actually true. Working for Emanuel at Komaza in the People Operations department, it was easy to follow his lead and get excited about optimizing Komaza’s large-scale recruitment systems. Emanuel lands top-quality candidates for Komaza through his unique analytical and aptitude-focused approach towards recruitment. With an impressive ability to see the big picture and ‘the numbers game’ of recruitment, I also witnessed Emanuel skillfully navigate tricky interpersonal HR scenarios on a regular basis. He maintains a strong commitment to being fair, whether he’s evaluating 300 candidates on one day, or dealing with one employee’s unique or delicate situation. As a manager, he strikes an important balance – the People Ops team is known to have the most fun in the office, yet also meet aggressive targets as a department.

Stephen GabauerFounder & Creative Director at Underdogs UnitedUnderdogs UnitedArlington - Virginia - USA

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